Our Vision; is to be one of the best strategic production companies of world brands by offering high quality products to its customers at the most affordable prices and quickly.

Our Mission; to provide our customers with high quality products that they can easily reach at affordable prices and to ensure continuous customer satisfaction by providing the best possible service.

  • Customer is our crown and quality is indispensable.
    To exceed expectations by offering the best quality in all respects for our customers.
  • Superior work ethic
    It is our principle to always abide by the business and ethical rules by acting honestly and for mutual benefit in all our business relationships.
  • Our goal is to always be the best.
    Our main goal is to always be the “best” in quality, service and our relations with our suppliers and to preserve this image we have in the market.
  • Reliable and transparent structure
    In order to establish long-term relationships with our customers, it is indispensable to be reliable and to share our knowledge, suggestions and responsibilities openly.
  • Our most important capital is our human resources.
    We are well aware that product and service quality starts with the quality of our employees. DIATUBE GmbH, a injector, syringe etc medical company that has made its quality accepted in the market with its specialized staff and service, aims to be a world-renowned medical products manufacturer and supplier by giving importance to branding and to add value to the market.