Sodium Fluoride potassium oxalate tubes are used to determine the ratio of glucose, ethanol lactate, found in the blood. It contains sodium fluoride, Disodium EDTA or sodium fluoride, potassium oxalate. Like all the tubes we produce as Diatube, this tube is disposable. Vacuum produced. Because it is produced in the desired sizes and volumes, no problems are experienced by users. In addition, our tubes can be produced with prebarkodlu labels. In this way, you can also easily access information about the tube.

How Are Tubes Maintained Before Use?

Store sodium fluoride at 4 -25 degrees to preserve potassium oxalate tubes. The risk of damage increases if the tubes are exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, keep your tubes at the recommended temperature. In this way, sodium fluoride can continue to be used without losing the quality of potassium oxalate tubes.

What Are The Precautions That Can Be Taken On The Tube?

  • If you mix the sample insufficient or too late due to the additive contained in the tubes, you may result in an incorrect test result. This causes your data to fall into your hands incorrectly.
  • If you encounter a foreign substance in the tube, leave the tube and replace it with a new tube.
  • Apply the materials necessary for blood collection in accordance with the procedure. In this way, your risk of mixing the tubes you use will be minimized.
  • Before you start using your tubes, be sure to check whether the products are suitable and their expiration dates. Do not use these tubes in any way if the tubes have expired.
  • The tubes are all disposable. Therefore, do not use the same tube for any other procedure.
  • It is the responsibility of the laboratory to verify that the result of the test does not change when the sample is transferred from one tube to another tube.

Sampling with sodium fluoride potassium oxalate tubes

There are routine procedures to be applied in the sample requested by the doctor. First, read the instructions for using the needle again in a blood collection process that will be applied to the skin piercing method. Holding the area where you puncture the skin down will speed up the blood flow from the arm. Clean the first blood with gauze, considering that tissue fluid may come at first. Apply pressure on the tissue at slight December to allow blood to flow.

Sodium fluoride, which we produce as Diatube, should ensure that the blood flows slightly from the potassium oxalate tubes. In case of blood entering the vacuum, hit the tube hard on the surface. In addition, do not shake the tube and do not hit the tube with its mouth open. When filling the tube, pay attention to the filling mark on the top of the tube. According to this mark, Take neither missing nor excess samples. Reverse the tube 5-6 times until the blood is completely mixed. Do not shake the tube. This will cause the blood to foam and hemolysis, as well as lead to the wrong result in the analysis.

During the centrifugation phase, ensure that the tubes are correctly placed. According to Normal conditions, centrifugation is recommended at 3000g within 10 minutes. During this process, the temperature of the environment should be between 15-24 degrees Dec. You can also look at our sendimentasyon erythrocyte paper tubes.