Serum tubes with gel clot Activator blood collection procedures and laboratory techniques are performed with different devices, tools and medical tools. Serum tubes with gel clot Activator have a different product form determined for each test to be applied. The product form determined for the test to be performed is designed to get the best result and the most accurate result. The fact that blood tubes are produced in different sizes in different colors in this minvalde is a requirement rather than an arbitrary application. These products, which are separated from each other by cover colors and volumes, pass through the production area, each of which will give the result of a different test, and deliver it to medical institutions and organizations. Serum tubes with gel clot activator allow the serum to decompose from the blood with the presence of gel tissue and allow the serum to be obtained with the blood still being taken into the tube.

Serum tubes with gelled clot activator are usually produced as blood tubes with a special form used for hormone microbiology and biochemistry tests.

Volume and properties of gel clot Activator Serum tubes

Gel serum tubes are generally preferred in immunology laboratories for diagnostic tests of diseases related to the immune system and in biochemistry laboratories. Thanks to a special activator, there are active substances that will form a barrier in the cube, while coagulation occurs. The Inert gel enters between the serum and blood cells in the blood, and has a structure that will allow the decoupling of two main substances. The resulting Pure serum, on the other hand, offers the main material that will ensure the correct results.

How Should Blood Tubes Be Stored?

The storage and storage phase is as important as the production phase of blood tubes. At this stage, the blood tube in which the sample is taken should be analyzed within 2 hours of intake. If the analysis cannot be performed within 2 hours of sampling, the blood tube should be stored at – 40 C. If the degree of coldness is at a rate that will damage the sample and the sample is not in a format that will withstand this coldness, it should be determined as a storage condition of minus 20 degrees. If it is not to be studied immediately after sampling, it can be stored for 24 hours within the specified temperatures.

What Are The Medical Materials Used During Blood Intake?

While our most important factor material in blood circulation operations is the blood tube, its presence in complementary materials has been determined as the main condition in health standards.

  • Alcoholic or non-alcoholic disinfecting liquid
    Plastic gloves
    Gauze or cotton
    Der holder and needles
    Blood collection kit and butterfly
    Adhesive bandage
    Vacuum blood collection tubes
    Types of blood collection tubes that are suitable for the scope of the test
    If necessary, products such as ice foil are among the products that should be present with medical personnel during blood intake Dec.

Diatube Medical blood tubes specifications

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International Standard Products Produced In Turkey And Reaching All Over The World

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