Butterfly set is a medical product designed to provide fast vessel entry easily in long-term infusion situations. Butterfly set is especially aimed at the comfort of the patient person. The butterfly set features a short beveled silicone needle. Having such a needle also makes atraumatic cannulation easier. In order to have a high flow rate, it was preferred to use a needle indicator head with a thin fence.

Butterfly-shaped wings of the butterfly set allow easier placement on the skin. Butterfly wings make placement much easier, while at the same time preventing them from getting stuck in anything and slipping that may occur.

Butterfly Set Manufacturer

The wings of the butterfly set are manufactured in medical quality and the wings of the butterfly set are made of flexible PVC material. Butterfly set has non toxic property. At the same time, the butterfly set has a hardness that does not irritate the skin. The proximal end of each product in the butterfly set is provided by a flexible female luer connection.

All latex-free butterfly sets are sterile. The cannula section of the butterfly set is thin and the cannula section is made of stainless steel. Butterfly sets are color-coded, just like injectors, for easy separation of needle size of butterfly sets. Butterfly set color codes: 18G – Pink, 19G-White/Cream, 20G-yellow, 21G-Yesil, 22G – Black, 23G – Blue, 25G-Orange and 27G-Gray.

Butterfly Set Features

Butterfly set features butterfly sets must be produced in accordance with international standards and are produced. Butterfly sets must be disposable. Butterfly sets are non-toxic, sterile and apirogen. Butterfly sets have soft wings. Butterfly sets have thin wall cannulas. The wings of butterfly sets are as colorful as they are soft. Butterfly sets have protective safe covers. The average shelf life of butterfly sets is 5 years. Butterfly sets are wrapped in blister packaging consisting of medical paper and transparent film. Sterilization standards of butterfly sets are EO. You can also get information about our other product, the gaita container, here.

Opening a vein with a butterfly Set

It is available for single use in a sterile package. The needle of the butterfly set is made of steel and varies approximately 1.5–3 cm in length, while its number varies between 17-25 Dec. As the number of the needle grows, its diameter shrinks. Butterfly sets of different sizes also have different colors. Butterfly sets have butterfly-shaped plastic wings that make fixing easier. 10-30 cm long, bend-resistant hose has a plug-in connector at the end where the injector or liquid set is attached.

If the inner diameter of the needle is small, it is preferred in thin vessels or children. Because the needle tip of the butterfly set is short, the patient becomes less uncomfortable during application, and the tissue is less damaged. But due to its inflexible steel needle, it is not suitable for ensuring long-term vascular clearance. The materials required for opening a vein with a butterfly set are tourniquet, antiseptic solution (baticon, alcohol), cotton or gauze buffer, flaster, 5-10 ml saline sterile injector.

Vein opening technique with butterfly Set

First, the patient or their relatives are informed about the procedure and their consent is obtained. Hands are washed and gloves are worn. Sterilization procedures are performed. The patient’s limb to be used is given the appropriate position below the heart level for the procedure. The veins in the arm to be applied are observed and palpated and evaluated.

A set of butterflies of the appropriate size for the vein is selected and removed from the package. The butterfly set opens the plug. The needle of the injector with 10 ml saline drawn into it is removed and inserted into the connector. The air is removed by squeezing saline into the butterfly set until fluid comes from the tip of the needle. Since the end of the protective cover on the needle is open, there is no need to remove the protective cover when removing the air from the set.

Entering the vein with a butterfly set saline solution in the injector is injected slowly. Pain, redness, tenderness, swelling are observed in the area. Injector, butterfly is removed from the set and the plug of the set is closed. Gloves are thrown into medical waste garbage and hands are washed. The date and time of installation of the butterfly set are recorded in the appropriate forms.