Serum (Infusion) sets are used to provide sterile integrating of parenteral solutions inserted into the patient. The higher the quality of the serum (Infusion) sets, the higher the application comfort. Infusion sets are used in standard serum applications and special blood transfers. This medical product, which is preferred in all medical procedures to be given intravenously, is a health product that is required during application to all patients. Its usage area is quite wide and it is a medical apparatus used in many areas from surgical intervention to injecting chemotherapy drugs.

Serum Set Features And Usage

Table of Contentso Where are Infusion Sets Used? What Should Be Considered While Using the Sets? In all applications made as a Serum, that is, in intravenous injection applications, a serum set is needed. The product creates a bridge between the drug and the vascular access and ensures that the flow continues at a regular interval. The infusion set is preferred not only for adjusting the dose of the drug, but also for less damage to the vascular access.Thanks to the replaceable serum sets, it is possible to administer drugs more than once through a single vein to the patient. The fact that the set is not airtight and that it is produced from high quality plastic and in accordance with the standards allows the least amount of drug loss during application.The ratios and densities of the solutions mediated by the Serum Sets may differ from each other. The correct serum set should give peak performance at all solution concentrations.The serum sets produced with the assurance of Diatube are produced from the combinations of phalete-free, non-toxic, non-poisoning, biocompatible and nonpyrogen compatible raw materials.Each serum set is disinfected with ethylene oxide gas to prevent infection and bacterial risk. In this direction;• Standard airway feature,• A light sensitive structure,• Products with solution filter feature are revealed.There are two different types of drug forms for the application of the sets. Suitable for bottle infusion solutions and bag infusion applications.

Where Are Infusion Sets Used?

Serum Sets are preferred in the treatment of every disease in which drugs are given to the body through the intravenous route. It takes its place among the indispensable medical support products, especially in the treatment of diseases that are subject to regular application. Intensive solution in IVIG applications, which is frequently preferred in the treatment of immune system diseases, can cause occlusion of the vessels and the set. In such cases, it is vital for the patient that the Set is of high quality and easy to use. It should be noted that the dimensions are also important for ease of application. Easy transfer of blood, which differs in density in blood exchanges or direct blood yield, and also in liquid solution, is possible with a quality set. You can also review our other article, our 3-ply mask product, here.

What Should Be Considered While Using Sets?

• If the correct application is made, the Serum Set can be used without airing without any problems. However, if there is an error in the application and air bubbles occur in the set, the set should be changed and a new set should be inserted.• Depending on the density of the solutions, the sets should be checked at regular intervals and replaced when necessary without waiting.• Correct opening of the vascular access ensures that the drug taken through the set is transmitted directly to the body. If the vascular access is not opened correctly, the serum set cannot be successful in drug transfer.• Controls should be provided by the nurse or nurse for problems caused by the intravenous route.• If the patient has continued to take medication with the same set for a long time, it is beneficial to replace the set for hygienic reasons, even if there is no problem.• When you make a bridge between the Serum Sets and the drug via the butterfly set in the vascular access, if you make an incorrect transfer, blood leakage from the vein can be seen in the set.• The infusion set is for single use only. It is not recommended to be used for a long time, health personnel should not hesitate at the point of replacement.• Using the right medical product at the right time will provide a good treatment experience and ease of application for the healthcare personnel and the patient receiving treatment.• While the sets are being removed, it should be checked whether the drug is finished or not, and the application should be terminated without allowing the solution to make air in the set pipe.• Care should be taken when removing the infusion set from the sterile package, the PVC (Polyvinylchloride) hose is removed without impact or breaking.

It is very important to prevent possible infection risks that the serum set removed from the intravenous line is not reinserted.