Holder blood collection holder dictionary means a tool or holder for holding anything tightly. Different types of holders, i.e. holders, are available that allow single use or multiple use. There are also self-needle models, so they can be used without the need for a needle and in a very compatible way with existing blood collection syringes or needles. It has a locked and secure mechanism.

Blood Collection Holder

The standard tube blood collection holder is available in a friendly design of the holder for the private user. In this way, it 100% guarantees optimal focus during the bloodletting process. Blood collection holder provides a firm grip on the surface. In this way, blood collection is much safer, and in addition to security, it is very sterile. Blood collection holder, i.e. holders, is one of the most preferred medical materials in medical institutions and is used with great frequency. For this reason, it has an important place among medical decks. Plastic materials are used in the manufacture of blood collection Holder, holder, and holders are made up of plastic material.

Needle holder, blood collection Holder Holder can be attached to blood collection tubes between 5 ml and 10 ml as a measure Dec. It is very ideal for use with 5 ml and 10 ml blood collection tubes. Built with a completely user-friendly design. In other words, this means that the resulting design provides a lot of convenience during the blood collection process. It allows you to focus optimally during the blood collection process. As it clings firmly to the surface at the highest level possible, it eliminates all possible risks associated with the process of clinging to the surface. In this way, the blood removal process also allows the process to end in an important way from the point of view of the person. You can also read our article on neck pain solution in our physical tedevi service.

Blood Collection Holder Specifications

Blood collection Holder holder is manufactured in transparent structure. It should appear that the blood collection tube is held in the holder. Thanks to this transparent structure, its hold inside the holder is clearly visible. Its hardness is optimal. Because it has an optimal level of hardness, the blood tube can be inserted and removed with one hand. The color of the cap of the blood tube is also made so that it can appear inside. The blood collection holder is made of plastic raw material. Each of the blood collection holders is disposable, the use of two or more is absolutely not recommended or even dangerous and improper use. Because it is medical material, they must be thrown into medical waste bins after each blood collection use.

Blood Collection Holder Price

Holder prices vary depending on the brand, but there are decidedly no differences between brands. Please contact us for detailed information.

Blood Collection Sets

It is extremely important that the blood collection holders (holders) are fully compatible with both the needle used and the blood collection tubes used in an integrated manner. In cases where blood collection holders are incompatible with needles, air intake may be involved in the tubes. If air enters the tubes, it can lead to foaming in the samples. If possible and possible, it is highly recommended to use disposable blood collection holders.

Another important warning is that it should never be forgotten that non-disposable blood collection holders may be contaminated with viruses, bacteria and any certain microbes or blood, and this situation should be paid special attention. It is too dangerous to be underestimated, and it should not be forgotten that this condition can pose certain risks to blood collection elements. As important as the elements such as disposable and sterilizing in all medical products are in holter groups.