Heparin blood collection tubes have a narrower usage area among blood collection tubes. It is appropriate to use the tubes only within the scope of emergency-biochemistry tests. Heparin blood collection tubes are preferred for collecting plasma in terms of their internal design and features. Inside the tubes, there is Lithiumheparin obtained with a special formula in the required proportions. Alternatively, sodium heparin can be found in the tubes. Thanks to these substances, antithrombins are activated and the coagulation level is gradually deactivated.

What Does a Heparin Tube Do?

The prominent feature of Heparin tubes, which are preferred for biochemistry, is that it can prevent blood clotting. When it is necessary to obtain plasma from blood, choosing Heparin blood collection tubes is the first step to obtain a healthy test result. As it is routinely used in plasma separation tests, green capped Heparin blood tubes are used in the emergency units of health institutions.

Heparin blood collection tubes are available in gel textured and non-gel tissue forms. The active ingredient used to separate plasma from blood is Lithium / Sodium heparin. The origin of the name of the tube comes from this main active ingredient.

Considerations During Blood Collection

There are some technical factors that health personnel should pay attention to during blood collection procedures. When these elements are complied with, both the patient and the staff can perform a problem-free procedure.

First of all, the medical and medical devices and tools that should be with the health personnel should be complete and complete.

According to the blood collection request specified in the laboratory request form or read from the label, appropriate tubes should be provided by the personnel and given to the patient before the blood draw or at the time of blood collection.

Although the types of blood tubes vary according to the test to be taken, there are some priorities during the procedure. Following this order ensures healthy results.

Health personnel who draw blood for tests must put the correct sample in the correct blood tube without causing clotting.

General Process After Blood Collection Procedures

In order for the sampled patient to achieve healthy results, the sample must be stored and transferred under certain conditions. If the sample will not be processed within 2 hours, it should be stored in a cabinet at 20 degrees Celsius.

The blood sample, which will not be analyzed directly, can be preserved for 24 hours within the specified temperature criterion. A healthy result cannot be obtained from the sample that exceeds this period.

Transfer, holding, and containment are vital for blood tubes and the blood in them.

Therefore, all these procedures should be done by professionals.

The Importance of Blood Reverses

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One Address for Quality Blood Tubes

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