Hand sanitizer is a kind of chemical used to destroy germs. Hand sanitizers are extremely important and necessary chemical materials in ensuring the necessary hygiene conditions. In health institutions, workplaces, homes, public transport, etc. suitable for use in all imaginable conditions and places.

Types of hand sanitizer

According to the substance contained in the hand sanitizer types; halogen-based, alcohol-based, peracetic acid-based, acids and high alkali, especially there are many types of sanitizer. Alcohol-based disinfectants are generally preferred for hand cleaning. Because these hand sanitizers act in a very fast time, they clean the hands or the area in which they are used, that is, the skin, very quickly. Because of all these properties, especially hand sanitizers are used before surgical procedures.

Since hand sanitizers are produced in a way that does not harm the skin, there are no obstacles to their use and they can be used all day. Hand sanitizers do not harm the skin and do not harm the environment as well as skin-friendly and are environmentally friendly. Also click here for our other product urine bucket test. Or click here for the Ankara Mr service, which is our other organization.

Features Of Hand Sanitizer

The active ingredients in hand sanitizers generally have the property of breaking down in nature. Disinfectants also vary according to their level of action. It is divided into three groups as low-disinfection effective, medium-level disinfection effective and high-level disinfection effective. Because the levels of disinfectants acting on micro-organisms are also very different from each other.

If it is desired to get rid of all micro-organisms, the highest level of disinfectants should be preferred. If a strong disinfection effect is desired, disinfectants that are far from paint and perfume should be preferred. According to their bottles, there are three types of disinfectants: pumped, poured and sprayed. Among them, the most expensive disinfectant group is the ones with spray.

Hand sanitizer prices

Dimensions, properties, grams of disinfectants, types of containers in which they are placed, packages, etc. it varies according to, but its prices are in the economic figures that everyone can get. According to brands, hand sanitizer prices vary. While some offer very high quality with very high prices, there are also varieties of affordable hand sanitizer at much more affordable prices. The fact that they are economical does not mean that they are of poor quality. Hand sanitizers are offered for sale to the public by passing major tests and dermatological tests.
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Disinfectants are not limited to hand sanitizer only. Fabric disinfectants for fabrics, toilet disinfectants that offer an emergency quick solution for toilet seats, direct surface disinfectants for surfaces to be sold as and many more areas are available for field-specific disinfectants.