The use of overalls is very common in the health sector. They exist within the sector as preservatives in the health sector. These protective coveralls and aprons are made of SMSS fabric. The most important advantage measure in jumpsuit Apron categories is the ability to move comfortably. Later, the height of the protection levels and the height of their robustness came to the fore in these overalls. Jumpsuits and aprons vary within themselves in terms of protection. Some coveralls and aprons protect from chemicals, while others coveralls and aprons protect from viruses by using them in the health sector. There are many types of protection features such as jumpsuits and aprons to be sorted.

Types of overalls and aprons

Both will be classified in their category. In general, types of overalls; repairman’s overalls, welder’s overalls, gardener’s overalls, workers ‘ overalls, disposable overalls, laminated overalls, breathable overalls, sms overalls and chemical overalls are classified into nine categories. In general, aprons are classified into six categories: Disposable Apron, pe nylon Apron, dishwasher apron, work apron, surgical apron and patient Apron.th

3M protective coverall

It is manufactured to prevent chemical products from harming individuals. All workplaces where chemical products are available and used must have protective coveralls. At the same time, it is absolutely mandatory for employees to use 3M protective coveralls in businesses where there are chemical products. 3M protective coverall is quite easy to wear and remove and has an air-conditioned structure. 3M coveralls are designed and built in such a way that when a chemical liquid is splashed, sprayed or poured, it will directly flow through the liquid without imprisoning the substances in it. These jumpsuits have hats. These overalls have tires on the hat, wrists and ankles. Thanks to these tires, maximum protection is provided. Tires are also available in the waist area, allowing easy movement with these tires.

3M coveralls used in the food sector are a product that should be used to make employees more sterile in terms of hygiene. 3M coveralls are especially accepted by food companies because of their ability to keep stains and germs on them. As another sector, people who do paint work also use 3M protective coveralls. Especially in paint operations with a paint gun that are not done in open areas, much more paint is sprayed than others, so it can damage the skin of employees.

Protective 3M coverall, on the other hand, reduces this danger to minimum levels, as it protects the whole body by fully wrapping it. Most importantly, 3M coveralls are especially mandatory work clothes to be used in factories where chemical products are used and processed. 3M coveralls do not allow any chemicals to harm employees due to their liquid-proof properties. 3M overalls are generally white in color. Health workers, food workers, etc. he prefers white jumpsuits. Painters overalls, overalls, etc. blue, red, gray colors such as. But still, in general, White is the most preferred and used color. Other colors are the least on the market. Our product, which is set in the serum also can be seen here.

Disposable gowns and coveralls

Intervention services and hospital emergency rooms, patient care rooms, nursing homes, asbestos in the preparation, isolation in the process, in the extraction process absest, virus infection diagnosis and treatment, the risk of covid service rooms, marble and granite in the production of cement in the production process, metal grinding and polishing industry, light industrial cleaning operations, the machine maintenance operations in pharmaceutical processes, working with toxic dust, painting and coating, in the process of resin production in the fields, insects, hasare etc. application areas such as spraying processes, applications requiring work with chemicals, auto industry processes such as car bodywork, paint and sandpaper can be listed for a long time. The main application areas where it is most commonly used are as follows above.