The 5 ml syringe consists of three parts. Depending on the need, it can be used with or without a needle and it is suitable for both uses. The 5 ml syringe, which is a medical raw material, has passed EO sterilization processes and you can use it safely. 5 ml syringe consists of, hypodermic needles, polypropylene cylinder, latex-free gasket and polyethylene piston parts.

The product covered with blister packaging consisting of medical paper and transparent strec. All injectors offer a 100% guarantee of tightness. All of the needle tips are produced by laser cutting and most importantly, they are made of stainless steel.

How many cc is a 5 ml injector?

It is a measure conversion that is very curious and confused when buying a CC injector. This can be explained by the equation 5 cubic centimeters (cm³, cc) = 5 milliliters (mL). Shortly, a 5 injector equals 5 cc and at the same time 5 mL. All units of measurement are 10. Shortly, a 5 ml syringe is equal to a 5 cc syringe.

5 ml Injector BoxingThe price of the 5 ml injector depends on its quality, the materials from which it is produced, etc. even if it differs according to the normal standards, it is labeled as 200 pieces in inner boxes and then 10 inner boxes in an outer box, with a total of 2000 pieces in the outer box, and becomes ready for sterilization.

How much is 1 cc in the injector ?

To clarify the confusion of how much is 1 cc in the injector, liquids are measured in liters and liquids cannot be measured in kilograms.1 liter corresponds to 1000 ml. In other words, 1 liter is 1000 cc. In other words, CC and ML represent the same amount of liquid. Thus, it can be said that 1 cc equals 1 ml in an injector. For example, if we have a 1 cc injector, the medicine is drawn up to 1 cc and that injector has only 1 cc capaciy.

5 cc injector technical specification

5 cc syringe packaging should be single-packaged in the form of a transparent strec on one side and a medical paper with gas permeability on the other side, the edges of the packaging should be well pressed, sterile and easily openable so as not to impair sterility.

The injector should consist of 3 parts as the body, the piston and the piston rubber, and there should be a needle tip in its sterile package. The body part should be made of transparent, disposable, sterile, medical use and non-toxic plastic raw material. Lines and numbers should be prominent, numbers should be readable on the right side of the body, numbers should not be printed backwards and should not be erased when wet. For 2ml, 5ml, 10 ml, there should be cc or dizyem string lines on the injector, the cc or dizyem line should start from “0(zero)”. When negative pressure is applied, air should not leak, piston part should not leak air and liquid.

The injector chamber should not crack under pressure, and it should not leave liquid in the chamber. The piston should be able to move easily, the liquid should not leak to the back of the piston, there should be no gap between the injector and the piston tip. It should have a mechanism to prevent the injector from coming out easily when the piston is pulled back.The needle tip should be luer with a 6% inclination and should be well adapted to the injector and should not leak liquid from the adapter.

The needle metal

should move easily in the tissue, should not rotate, and should not destroy the tissue. It should be compatible with use with branule and drip adjustment sets. The injector and plunger should be smooth and should not cause irritation during use. It should be in boxes containing at least 25 and maximum 300 product information. The material must be in the dimensions specified in the name. Related products must comply with TS EN ISO 7886-1 standard.

What is an injector in medicine?

For an explanation of what an injector is in medicine, first of all, the physical definition of the injector is a small pump that generally serves to suck or push air or liquids. In medicine, filling a tissue or cavity with pressurized liquid is called injection. The tools that enable the injection process are called injectors. In other words, it is a tool that performs the injection event. The injector has a cylindrical body, a movable piston, a tap made of nickel, steel or platinum, and a needle is attached to its tip. The most important issue in the injector is that it is sterile and the 5 ml injector is a very reliable sterile product.

5ml Injector Specifications

• 3 Pieces

• With or Without Needle

• Hypodermic Needles

• Medical Raw Material

• Polypropylene Cylinder

• Polyethylene Piston

• Latex-free gasket

• Blister Packaging consisting of medical paper and transparent film

• EO Sterilization