The 2 ml syringe consists of three parts. Depending on the need, it can be used with or without a needle and it is suitable for both uses. The 2 ml syringe, which is a medical raw material, has passed EO sterilization processes and you can use it safely.

2 ml syringe consists of, hypodermic needles, polypropylene cylinder, latex-free gasket and polyethylene piston parts. The product is covered with blister packaging consisting of medical paper and transparent film. All injectors offer a 100% guarantee of tightness. All of the needle tips are produced by laser cutting and most importantly, they are made of stainless steel.

The 2 cc injector, the 2 ml injector and the 2 injector are all the same injector type. The syringe has a capacity of 2 cc or 2 ml and the drug is drawn up to that line. How long is 2 ml?The answer to the question of how much is 2 ml, as in its name, equals 2 milliliters, which corresponds to 2 cc (2 cubic centimeters). In terms of weight, it is equivalent to 21 g.2 ml syringe box

The price of the 2 ml injector depends on its quality, the materials from which it is produced, etc. even if it

varies according to the normal standards, it is labeled as 300 pieces in inner boxes, and then 10 inner boxes in an outer box, with a total of 3000 pieces in the outer box, and becomes ready for sterilization.

How to understand 2 ML Injector?

The large lines on the barrel of the injector represent milliliter ml or cc cubic centimeter. The small lines represent the dizyem. Scaling was made according to 1 milliliter ml = 10 dizyem measurement units and 1 milliliter ml corresponds to 10 dizyem measures. There are various types of injectors from 1 ml to 50 ml. Thus, we can understand it as 2 large lines or where they are for the answer to the question of how to understand a 2 cc injector.

How many drops in 2 cc?

It is easy and important to answer the question of how many drops in 2 cc. It is also possible to calculate iu with milliliters and cc over drops. Making these calculations is very important, especially for drugs. In order to be healthy and regularly, it is necessary to use the drugs according to their own prospectus, and for this, the required number of drops should be calculated and applications should be made. So 1 ml = 20 drops and 1 cc = 20 drops; 2 ml = 40 drops and 2 cc = 40 drops. For the answer to the question of how much is drop; The equation of 100 ml = 1 drop is known, according to which 2 cc equals 40 drops. 2 cc = equivalent to 100 x 40 drops. This is equivalent to 4000 ml drops

What do injector tip colors mean?

The answer to the question of what the injector tip colors mean is hidden in the needle thicknesses.

At the tip of the injector, the colors are expressed in mm, but this is not the length, it refers to the thickness of the needle, and the thickness is standard for each color.

For example, if it’s color is pink and 16, 25, 38 and 40 mm are said, these mm units represent the length, and these different lengths of pink needles are all the same thickness. Shortly, the colors determine the thickness of the needle, that is, its diameter, and the lengths may be different.

Needle thicknesses are classified as “gauge” in the world. You can also read our article on Serum Tubes with Gel Clot Activator.

The colors corresponding to the gauge units are as follows:

18 gauge: Pink

20 gauge: Yellow

21 gauge: Green

22 gauge: Black

23 gauge: Blue

24 gauge: Purple

25 gauge: Orange

26 gauge: Brown

27 gauge: Gray

What is an injector in medicine?

For the explanation that can be made for the injector in medicine, the physical definition of the injector must first be made; it is a small pump that is generally used to suck or push air or liquids. In medicine, filling a tissue or cavity with pressurized liquid is called injection. The tools that enable the injection process are called injectors. In other words, it is a tool that performs the injection event.

The injector has a cylindrical body, a movable piston, a tap made of nickel, steel or platinum, and a needle is attached to its tip. The most important issue in the injector is that it is sterile, and the 2 ml injector is a very reliable sterile product.

2ML Injector Features

3 Piece

• With or Without Needle

• Hypodermic Needles

• Medical Raw Material

• Polypropylene Cylinder

• Polyethylene Piston

• Latex-free gasket

• Blister Packaging consisting of medical paper and transparent strec

• EO Sterilization